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Conclave 2005: Back in Sunny San Diego!


  The following guidelines and judging criteria are in use by the National Order of the Arrow and sections are encouraged to adopt these same guidelines for section conclaves. W4B will be abiding by all national guidelines and criteria for judging of the American Indian Events at the 2004 Section Conclave.


Individual Dance Competition

Sand-Painting Competition

Team Sing Competition

Indian Crafts Competition

Judging Criteria


Individual Dance Competition

  Any number of contestants from a lodge may participate in the Individual Dance contest. The top dancers may be asked to demonstrate their skills at the evening show. Awards will be received at the Sunday show. The rules are as follows:

1. All contestants must confirm their registration when they arrive at the conclave.

2. There will be five categories of individual dance competition:

??Fancy-Dance (one class)


??Straight Dance

??Old Style

??Traditional (contemporary traditional).

Awards will be given to the top finishing dancers according to the judges' discretion.

3. Dancers must wear appropriate authentic clothing. There are many styles, but they may include as their basic elements: a hair roach, neck and/or back bustles, moccasins, bells, apron (breechclouts), and miscellaneous accessories, such as beaded cuffs, belt, arm bands, choker, headband, etc. War bonnets and chief's clothing are only acceptable for Old Style competition.

In an effort to distinguish between Old Style and Traditional, these categories will be determined by the judging staff. Consideration will be given for bustle type, clout or apron, and quill and beadwork designs. As a general guideline, Old Style is considered as pre-1920. If in doubt as to which category to dance, the dancer should bring a photograph of his dance clothes to registration. The judges will assist in placing the dancer in the proper category.

4. Dancers must dance in the style of their clothing. In preliminary competition, if the dancer is eliminated in one dance style, he may change outfits and dance in another style, if scheduling time permits. The dancer must be registered in both styles. Dancers may not compete in the finals in more than one category.

5. Losing a major article from a dancer's attire during the contest means automatic disqualification. Having the attire properly maintained and tightly secured easily eliminates this problem.

6. All dancers must be younger than 21 and be a registered participant of the event. If a question regarding age arises, proof of age (driver's license, copy of your birth certificate, etc.) must be provided.

7. All dancers must be members of the Order of the Arrow and registered conclave participants.

8. Dancers must be prepared to dance indoors or outdoors.

9. Dance practice and outfit construction should not take place during conclave activities.

10. Each participant will be issued a contestant number, which must be visible while dancing in any competition.

11. Overstepping the song may lower a dancer's placement in the overall standing.

12. NO PARTS OF ANY PROTECTED SPECIES ARE PERMITTED ON ANY OUTFIT. Violation of this rule will result in automatic disqualification. Please be aware of any federal and state laws regarding endangered species parts. (See Chapter 4, Section Conclave.)

13. Within the guidelines found in the U.S. Code pertaining to the American Flag, flags are not to be used as wearing apparel. With this in mind, no type of U.S. flag(s) will be permitted as part of dance attire. If a dancer has these items on his outfit, they must be removed prior to the conclave. Flag motifs in quillwork and beadwork are acceptable.

14. National Order of the Arrow Face Paint Policy: national Order of the Arrow conferences and activities conducted beyond the individual lodge will not permit face paint, body paint or wigs to be used in social or competition dancing or in ceremonies. (See Chapter 4, Section Conclave.)

15. The Boy Scouts of America policy regarding weapons will be followed. All dancers are encouraged to participate in the judging of American Indian clothing. This judging will be held immediately before or after the dance competition. A panel of selected judges will give out clothing critiques and ribbons.

The judging criteria will be as determined by the judging committee. All judges' decisions are final.


Rules & Guidelines

Singing will be done in team fashion. Teams will be required to sing 2 songs and are required to submit written documentation on the songs with their pre-registration form.

Awards will be given to the top teams. The judging criteria shown below are guidelines that are subject to the interpretation of the judging committee. All judges' decisions are final.


  Team Singing (Drumming) Competition :

1. All singing will be done in a team fashion.

2. Written documentation is required for each song (include where the song was obtained, what tribe it's from, etc).

3. Teams will be required to sing a general song and a song for a special event.

4. Songs are restricted to Southern and Northern Plains singing.

5. Teams will be judged on the authenticity and quality of presentation of songs.

6. Anyone singing must be younger than 21, a member of the Order of the Arrow, and a registered conclave participant. All team members must be from the same lodge.

7. Minimum time of 2 minutes, maximum time of 10 minutes for each song.

8. A representative from each team must be present at the team and judges meeting; check schedule for time and location.


Rules & Guidelines

•  Youth may compete in the youth section of this event and Adults over 21 may compete in the Adult section

•  No prior experience of sand painting is involved

•  The colored sand will be provided

•  You may draw anything, as long as it is not obscene, inappropriate, or against the policies of the BSA.

•  No registration is required prior to drawing, just fill out the form and start drawing

•  You may not copy or destroy anyone else's artwork

•  Modern and Traditional Painting may use only Red, White, Black, and Yellow Sand or a mix of these colors

  Traditional may use only their hands, fingers, and a piece of yarn to paint

•  Modern may use other instruments such as ball point pens and rulers

•  Traditional may paint only traditional Indian designs

•  Modern may paint any design, such as a patch design



Rules & Guidelines

  •  Only Youth-Made crafts may be entered

•  The crafts must be finished 15 minutes before the competition

•  You may compete in Headgear (bonnets, roaches, hats), Body Apparel (Leggings, vests, shirts), Bustles, Hand Held Items (Spears, shields, medicine wheels, fans), Miscellaneous Accessories (breastplates, chokers, belts moccasins)

•  The items must be brought to the competition table at the Irvine trading post before 11:00 (they may be brought back to the ceremony competitions for competing with prior judge approval)

•  You must fill out a card stating the following about your item:

•  What the article is

•  The date from which the article was produced

•  The use and history of the article

•  The research

•  The materials used to make the article


Requirements to be a Judge

•  Each judge must be a member in good standing of the Order of the Arrow and a Lodge within Section W-4B in addition to being a registered delegate at the Section Conclave, or an invited guest of the Section Indian Affairs Coordinator (CVC).

•  Each must be at least 21 years of age.

•  Must have considerable knowledge and experience with Indian lore.

•  Each judge may be asked questions to prove his or her knowledge by the Section Indian Affairs CVC.

Competition Judges

  An American Indian Events Judging Staff will include one judge from each lodge participating in the event, which will be approved by the Section American Indian Events Coordinator, his adviser, and the Section Chief. The staff will be responsible for judging Group Dance, Individual Dance, Team Sing, Indian Crafts, and Sand painting. All decisions are final!

Sand Painting Judging

  Lodge Name: _____________________________________ Lodge Number: ______


Painting Name: ________________________________________________________


Painter Information:


Name: ________________________________________________________________


Are you the only Painter from your lodge competing? Y / N


Style: Traditional Modern




Creativity (40 pts):
Did the painter pick something totally creative, or did he copy someone else's work?



“Coloring in the Lines” (20 pts)
Did the painter “color in the lines” making straight lines as best as he could where needed.


Use of Color (20pts)
Did the participant use color in order to enhance the painting?


Style (20pts)
Did the painter's work seem to stand out among the other work? Was it exceptional in a certain way? In what style was it made?


Total Points:_____________ out of 100 pts


Comments for the Painter:



Sand Painting Judge's Information :


Judge's Name: __________________________________Lodge:________________


Signature: ____________________________________________________________



Judge's Name: __________________________________Lodge:________________


Signature: ____________________________________________________________



Judge's Name: __________________________________Lodge:________________


Signature: ____________________________________________________________


  Indian Crafts Judging


Lodge Name: _____________________________________ Lodge Number: ______


Craft Number: _________________________________________________________


Crafter Information:


Name: ________________________________________________________________


Are you the only Crafter from your lodge competing? Y / N


Style: Traditional Modern




Creativity (40 pts):
Did the Crafter pick something totally creative, or did he copy someone else's work?



“Coloring in the lines” (40 pts)
Did the Crafter do quality work?


Research (20pts)
Was the research going into the work accurate and descriptive



Total Points:_____________ out of 100 pts


  Comments for the Crafter:




Indian Crafts Judge's Information :


Judge's Name: __________________________________Lodge:________________


Signature: ____________________________________________________________




Judge's Name: __________________________________Lodge:________________


Signature: ____________________________________________________________




Judge's Name: __________________________________Lodge:________________


Signature: ____________________________________________________________



The Conclave Inductions Committee shall consist of the Conclave Vice-Chief of Inductions, his adviser, any assistant that the Conclave Vice-Chief sees necessary, and twelve (12) adult evaluators. The evaluators will consist of three (3) adults from each of the following lodges: Cahuilla, Navajo, Tiwahe, and Wiatava.


Sign-ups for the ceremony evaluations will be at Conclave Headquarters, beginning Friday, April 29, 2005 at 6:00 PM . Teams should sign up so the Conclave Inductions Committee will be aware of the number of participating teams. Sign-ups will be open until the end of breakfast on Saturday morning. Make sure to sign-up early.


The Conclave Inductions Committee will be conducting evaluations of all ceremonies that would like to participate and receive a critique. THERE WILL BE NO PLACES AWARDED! Please arrive with parts memorized, necessary props, and in appropriate costuming for the ceremony setting. The Conclave Inductions Committee will only provide the fire lay.

Evaluations will be held on Saturday afternoon. The order is first come, first serve, not in the order of sign-up! Make sure to be on time and ready to perform your ceremony to the best of your ability. Remember that this is simply an evaluation, not a competition. Enjoy the process and be willing to learn and improve your performance.

Performance Expectations

PRE-ORDEAL CEREMONY: Your team will be expected to perform the entire Pre-Ordeal ceremony, including the investing. (Pages 3-10)

ORDEAL CEREMONY: Your team will be expected to perform from the beginning of the Ordeal Ceremony to the Explanation of the Ordeal. (Pages 11-16)

BROTHERHOOD CEREMONY: Your team will be expected to perform the entire Brotherhood Ceremony. (Pages 5-15)

Please follow the rules outlined in the Order of the Arrow Ceremony Guide.


Section W-4B Officers

Michael Gollner
Section Chief

Josh Insalaco
Section Vice-Chief

Brandon Guzik
Section Secretary

Section W-4B Advisers

Dennis Underwood
Section Adviser

Deanna Westmyer
Associate Adviser

Scott Oldenburg
Staff Adviser

Conclave Resources
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  • Lodge & Section Event Calendar!

  • Please Note: The Conclave fee will not be required when registering online; however, if you register, you will be required to pay the Conclave fee regardless of your participation at the event.

    Prices for the event may differ from Lodge to Lodge.
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